How to synchronize an arbitrary Windows folder with a Dropbox account?

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How can I do this with Dropbox:

  • I want to ensure that all my files stored under C:UsersGerardImages and C:UsersGerardDocuments are stored automatically online.
  • I don’t want to copy them manually into the C:UsersGerardDropbox folder, since I’m very likely to forget things.
  • I don’t want to use twice the space on my hard drive duplicating all files from my images folder to my dropbox.

Should I:

  • Stop using C:UsersGerardImages to store things, and store everything under C:UsersGerardDropboxImages instead? Or…
  • Use a tool to synchronize my C:UsersGerardImages and C:UsersGerardDocuments files with C:UsersGerardDropbox


Use MKLINK to create a directory junction between your DropBox folder and your Images and Documents folders, to fake out DropBox.

So for instance:

MKLINK /J C:UsersGerardDropBoxDocuments C:UsersGerardDocuments
MKLINK /J C:UsersGerardDropBoxImages C:UsersGerardImages

This creates a “fake” set of folders inside DropBox, without duplicating the data, and will upload all your photos and documents. In other words, there is an extra set of folders targeting the same location on the drive.

Whether you modify files in the “fake” or original locations, the folders will remain synchronised.

The dropbox folder on your PC acts as the local copy of whats stored on the dropbox server. To Sync both the storage you need to keep it in the assigned folder.

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