How to type french accents with a US Apple keyboard in Windows 7 (EN) with Boot Camp

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Everything’s in the question. I have an iMac running Snow Leopard with a US Apple keyboard, and I’ve installed Windows 7 (english) with boot camp. I need to be able to type French accents but I don’t really anyway to do it.
I tried the way I did on Snow Leopard with the ALT + E and E for instance to make an e acute and even the Windows way with ALT + 1 3 0 but no luck.

Any of you have something to suggest to me?



Alt codes only work on the numeric keypad, which you probably lack.

Try the international keyboard. I use the same thing for German umlauts in my virtual machines. Only downside is, it drives me crazy if all I want to do is type double quotation marks.

Another option is creating a custom keyboard layout using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. I used that in 2008(ish) when I connected my wired UK Apple keyboard to a Windows machine and had to be able to type umlauts. It was quite easy to define Alt-u as ü etc. It can even load one of the existing layouts you can use as a base to make your (few) modifications.

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