How to update authentication token for a git remote?

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Problem :

I revoked my token for GitLab, how can I set the new token for cmd use?

When trying to push, this is the error I get:

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

The credential.helper is set to manager.

I tried to unset credential.helper, and then when I push it asked for the credentials, which will work when I supply them. If I re-set credential.helper to manager, it will raise the previous error again.

So, how can I set the new token?
(The preferred method would be from the cmd).


Solution :

Here’s a generic method that should work with all currently configured (and writable) credential helpers (and to be honest, I’m surprised git didn’t do this automatically – it’s supposed to):

  1. Run git credential reject (to use all configured helpers) or git credential-manager erase (to use the manager helper).

  2. Type in the following text:


    The main git credential tool also accepts a simpler version (but individual helpers do not):

  3. At a blank line, press Ctrl+Z, Enter (Windows Console) or Ctrl+D (Linux, Cygwin, macOS…) to signal end-of-input.

  4. If you want, repeat with git credential fill or git credential-manager get to make sure the credentials cannot be retrieved anymore.


With cmdkey:

  1. Run cmdkey /list from the command line, and find your target.
  2. To update the password, run cmdkey /generic:$TARGET_NAME$ /user:$MYUSERNAME$ /pass and enter your password when prompted.
    • For example: cmdkey /generic:git: /user:myusername /pass
  3. Use the credential again – push to your git remote.


With Windows Credential Manager:

  1. From the start menu, search and open the Credential Manager.
    • Or, run control /name Microsoft.CredentialManager
  2. Go to the Windows Credentials section and find your relevant credential (e.g the git remote service, in this case – GitLab).
  3. Open the credentials details.
  4. Choose Edit
  5. Enter the new password.
  6. Save.
  7. Use the credential again – push to your git remote.

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