How to use auditpol to check the setting, if the category is in Japanese?

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I try use powershell to check server audit setting in windows by using command
auditpol.exe /get /category:"DS Access"

For some servers, the language is Japanese, the command returned can not find the category:”DS Access”,

エラー 0x00000057 が発生しました:

when I try to use auditpol.exe /get /category:* to display all settings find the category name is Japanese.

I try to use chcp 437 or chcp 65001 and then run the
auditpol.exe /get /category:"DS Access"

Error 0x00000057 occurred:
The parameter is incorrect.

run auditpol.exe /get /category:* the Japanese character can not display in the powershell window, it shows ??? or blank for the JP characters.

Is there any way to let the command return English character as result like below?

Active code page: 65001
PS C:Windowssystem32> auditpol.exe /get /category:"DS Access";
System audit policy
Category/Subcategory                      Setting
DS Access
  Directory Service Changes               No Auditing
  Directory Service Replication           No Auditing
  Detailed Directory Service Replication  No Auditing
  Directory Service Access                Success
PS C:Windowssystem32>


Used the guid’s in individual queries. GUIDs can be got by:
auditpol /get /subcategory: * /v

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