I have 4 monitors connected running windows. Seeking utility/mod of taskbar to display on 2 monitors only, and not on all 4 Monitors

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Trying to find a solution for the following:

I been using +7 taskbar tweaker for options such as ability to customize group groups or unpin certain tabs from groups and option to display seconds In the time clock. 7+ Taskbar is lacking one feature. I have look extensively and I cannot find anything on nirsof that will work. Thought this utility might work on nirsoft but I was mistaken.

Currently the Windows 8 setting is to show taskbar on only one monitor or to show taskbar on all displays.

My Goal is I have 4 monitors connected running windows 8.1. I am hoping that there is a utility to only show bottom taskbar on 2 monitors only. For example Monitors 2 and 4 will have a bottom taskbar and Monitors 1 and 3 will not show any taskbar at all.


DisplayFusion does this. Check here where they detail how to set up multi-monitor taskbar and then remove it on the ones you don’t want it on.

In short. Install DisplayFusion, turn on multi-monitor taskbar from Settings > Taskbar. Click the Enable All Taskbars option, then right-click on the taskbar on the monitors you want it removed from, hover over the Multi-monitor Taskbar option, then the Position option, and click disabled.

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