I need a good font manager for mac and/or windows

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I’m looking for a full featured font manager (support all formats – ttf, otf, ps, etc.). I use both Mac and Windows. The font manager does not need to be free but it does need to be under $100. Any recommendations?


For Mac OS X you can look at FontExplorer X Pro (not free). On that site you’ll also find Linotype Font Explorer X, which is free and should be enough (last link on this page).

You can also find a few more apps here, both for Windows, and Mac OS X.

Suitcase Fusion 2 and FontAgent Pro are ones I’ve used, and they are both available for Windows and OS X. Of the two, I prefer FontAgent Pro, although these days I just manage the fonts manually.

I use Typograf which is a windows based font manager. $35.

Second vote for FontAgent Pro. I work for a print media corporation, and we use it all over the place for literally thousands of fonts.

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