I want to run a script when known bluetooth device connects/disconnects to WinXP

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I have a laptop on my desk at work. I have screensaver timer enabled, so if I’m not using the computer for ten minutes, it will start the screensaver. I also have “On resume, password protect” option checked. This is useful and I want it to be so. However, sometimes I just sit at my cubicle and read some documents without touching the computer. During that time I want my computer to know that I’m there and that there is no need to start the screensaver.

I have a mobile phone that is bluetooth paired with the laptop for synchronizing calendars. Is there some way for a script or a program to know that any (or specified) paired device is connected? While typing this out I thought that there might be some registry entries for this. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



I severely doubt that there is built-in capability for this. An operating system is not for every conceivable use case of a computer out there, it exists to provide the building blocks to build such applications.

Anyway, I suspect you can write a simple program which looks for your paired device and then prevents the screensaver from running (for which there is an API).

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