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Im new at IIS 7.5, so my I need some help.

I have tomcat web server at my server, on this tomcat i have working app which is available at http://my_domain_name.com:8008/some_war. Due to a lot of reasons this path /some_warcannot be changed (hard code etc).

I have IIS at my server too. I play with HTTP redirection and URL rewrite but they are didnt solve me issue.

I want do next: when people site:http://my_domain_name.com the must see site from http://my_domain_name.com:8008/some_war (url in browser must not change, as in case of HTTP redirection).

Can you please help me or advice something.


Use ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse pass in your VirtualHost entry for my_domain_name.com. Syntax goes like this

ProxyPass / http://my_domain_name.com:8080/some_war
ProxyPassReverse / http://my_domain_name.com:8080/some_war

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