Important files possibly leaked into mapped network drive

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I recently mapped a network drive. While moving important sensitive files. I accidentally dragged one into it. The computer froze for a while and went back to normal, there was no indication of file transferring or anything, just freezing for a awhile. I panicked and I tried to open the drive but the drive seemed to be offline, it says not responding.

Normally when I used that drive in my workplace, the drive will ask for authentication before letting me in.

Is there a possibility that my file was leaked into the network drive? I am using Windows 8.1

This happened when I was at home.


The only way it could be copied to the mapped drive would be if the drive were connected at the time. Otherwise, the transfer request would time out (probably why it seemed to freeze) and cancelled. You should have gotten an error message stating the drive was unavailable.

To be sure, when you reconnect to your network at work, go to that drive and see if the file is there. I highly doubt you will find it.

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