Installed second hard drive in computer and get BSOD with stop 0x00007b

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I have a computer with a Intel DH55HC MB.
It has eSata on the MB ports that work with SATA drives.

Anyway I installed a second 1tb drive and reset the boot order. Windows starts and gets a BSOD with the stop code in the title.
When I removed the second hard drive the system worked again.

The second HDD has 1 ext3 partition that will be erased and Windows is on the first HDD.


I had the system set up so that the SATA configuration was like this.

FC = First Controller

SC = Second Controller

First Hard Drive SC

Second Hard Drive FC

DVD Drive SC

I moved both hard drives to the first controller and left the DVD drive alone and that stopped the BSOD.

Unrelated to this but the second drive has to be RMA’d over another problem.

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