Installing Debian on SATA disk attached to eSATA interface

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Problem :

Recently, I just bought a HP Microserver Proliant N40L for use it as dns, http, vpn, file storage and also for backups of other computers at home. I already have 2 1Tb HDD’s, so I thought to buy another 2 HDD’s and install is as raid5. This way, I could have 3Tb ‘usables’ for storage everything I need.

I just see through that the Microserver has a eSATA port on the back of the case. So, I am thinking about to install a 5th HDD for be the system disk one. I mean, to install Debian (root and boot) in that disk. I just only to buy an eSATA->SATA connector, because the 5th disk will be SATA also.

The point is: is there any performance difference doing this way, using the eSATA as “main disk”?

Thanks you

Solution :

There is no performance difference. SATA and eSATA are the same protocol and are equally fast.

The only differences are:

  • Different connector. (Sturdier).
  • Slightly higher voltages on the eSATA cable. (400 to 600 mV on SATA, 500 to 600 mV on eSATA)
  • Longer cable lengths are allowed for eSATA. (Max. length for SATA is 1 meter, eSATA doubles that)

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