Is Firefox using its own isolated Certificate STore

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Problem :

I am using the latest Firefox.

However, my campus uses their own certificate for all internet browsing and asks us to install their certificate as Root CA.

Since, i don’t trust them with my personal data, but to browse easily, i am forced to install the Certificate.

Is it possible to install Certificate in Firefox only, without affecting my PCs root store and interfere with other browsers such as Chrome.
Moreover is it possible to have the certificate in separate Mozilla Profile or any other version i install simultaneously ???

Solution :

Unlike Google Chrome, firefox has its own certificate store separate from the system’s.

To install a Root CA, go in the preferences of your firefox browser.
In the advanced tab, there is a sub tab called Certificates/Encryption, depending on the OS and the version of firefox that you are using.

From there, you can manage everything related to certificates.

Yes, Firefox allows you to install the certificate in a different profile.

  • open Firefox (-ProfileManager, and eventually, –no-remote)
  • Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced
  • on tab Encryption, you have the button “View Certificates”, which is where you can add or remove the certificates.

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