Is it possible to have two HDD’s, and both be primary? [duplicate]

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Possible Duplicate:
I accidentally made my new hard drive (the non system drive) my primary partition

Here is my configuration:

C: – system/Windows XP HDD

D: – empty

I just added a new hard drive (D) and formatted it and made it a primary HDD.

Since then Windows hasn’t been able to boot. Is the computer able to have both the system and the new HDD as primary? If not, then that is why Windows isn’t booting.

If it IS possible, then I have no idea what the problem is.

Any help or thoughts would be fantastic! thanks!


No you can’t have two primary drives on the same IDE cable. If you make D: a secondary drive your machine should boot.

Having said that it could be that it’s finding D: first and as it’s a primary drive it stops looking, but as it’s empty there’s nothing for it to boot from.

You could try swapping the drives over, but you should just have one primary and one secondary drive.

My guess is that when you made it primary this replaced the first C: drive as primary.

I would try changing the primary back to C: in the BIOS settings because the computer is looking for an operating system on D: and finding none to boot up.

To answer your other question, no you can’t have two primary drives.

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