Is it possible to install LuCi to a chinese router with custom ui?

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Problem :

I have a chinese router with openwrt installed ‘out of the box’. Its web ui is terrible. I couldnt find any port forwarding and had to manually add it in html code editor (it was with style display none). I wonder if it’s possible to install standart luci to it. Router is unknown brand. I’m a noob in openwrt, but I know how to connect to it using PuTTY (I determined it’s openwrt that way).

Solution :

I think Luci will be already installed in it, then also you can try to do ssh or scp. Try ssh using putty and then type command

opkg list-installed 

This command will show the packages installed in it. Check luci is installed or not. If not then type in putty

opkg update
opkg install luci

If its already installed then it will in Chinese version. So, try another firmware on your own risk.

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