Is my HDD about to die ? (Erratic benchmark results)

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From a live USB I got the following results from a hard drive benchmark tool :

Benchmark result

  • The partition is the first out of 3 from a 1TB SATA WD-blue drive, used as storage (no OS running from it).
    I have repeated the test 4 times and always got the same curve, as well as an unusually long testing time. The other partitions have a “normal” looking curve.

  • I’ve previously had trouble with that HDD, which I was trying to fix : couple of days ago I noticed accessing files would “freeze” the disk, generating a 100% saturated access queue with barely no data transfer. I followed these steps :

    • Run chkdsk / file system check from windows’ safe mode : failed and made the disk inaccessible, freezing the system at the “welcome” screen.
    • Deleted partition table from live USB Ubuntu to unlock Windows
    • Ran Western Digital’s tool diagnostic from Windows : SMART and extended clusters tests told me the disk was healthy
    • Used partition eraser tool to write zeroes on the whole disk : no i/o errors.
    • Created new partitions : disk recognized, boot successful, writing and reading about 100MB of mp3 files didn’t cause any errors.
    • Ran the benchmark test from the live USB, and got the results above.

The original problems seem to have appeared after I got many system crashes and forced reboots (mistakes using Blender). I don’t know if that’s possible but I would think these repeated have damaged the part of the drive giving these fluctuating performances.


It’s a good thing that you’ve tested the HDD with our tool and since it’s saying that the drive is healthy.

However, I’ve noticed a couple of bad sectors detected (the C5 – Current Pending Sectors count in the RAW S.M.A.R.T. values) which could be causing these benchmarks, but it’s not a reason of concern at the moment, like the DLG tool confirmed.

With that said, you can keep using the drive IMO, but also make a regular backups of your data on another location and keep an eye for any increase of this parameter in particular. In case such an increase occur, feel free to contact our support so a RMA could be arrange if the hard disk is still under warranty.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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