Is possible to install Windows to non-standard directories?

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I would like to install Windows using non-standard directory names, e.g C:Foo for Windows folder, or C:FooBar for the System folder.

In theory, it should work as applications should ask the actual path for Windows and System folders with specific APIs (GetWindowsDirectory, GetSystemDirectory, SHGetFolderPath).

I would like to avoid any kind of folder redirection or hardlinks.

Basically, I have two goals:

  1. Test applications to avoid dependencies on hard coded paths
  2. Use nicer folder names, especially System64 for 64 bit stuff instead of System32


No. Windows must always be installed to drive:/Windows/. This is for app-compatability reasons – i.e. many applications hard-code the path and so Microsoft cannot change the path or allow the path to be changed for fear of breaking all of these legacy applications.