Is there a keyboard shortcut to unhide / un-minimize (maximize, not Zoom) an application in MacOS yet?

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So, the last time this was addressed was years ago and after many, many seconds of Googling I was only able to come up with the following trick:

Command (⌘)+Tab to get the app switcher and Tab (or Shift+Tab) to navigate to the app you want to maximize, then without letting go of the Command (⌘) key, press and hold the Option (⌥) key, then let go of the Command (⌘) key.

This is the best workaround I’ve found that doesn’t require third party apps and it’s very frustrating. I do most everything without touching my mouse (that didn’t come out right) so it’s important (to me) to find something easier.

I’m honestly shocked that Apple hasn’t addressed this yet because from what I’ve been reading their users have been screaming for it. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.


You can also use Command (⌘)+H (hide) instead of Command (⌘)+M. This shortcut will allow you to reopen the application with simply Command (⌘)+Tab.

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