Is there a Konsole equivalent for gnome?

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Problem :

I’m looking for a Konsole equivalent for Gnome. I searched Google but was surprised how little I found.

I don’t want a Quake-style dropdown console. I like tabs and the ability to send a command to all tabs. Any ideas?

Solution :

The default terminal for Gnome is gnome-terminal, and it does support tabs.

When it comes to sending command to multiple servers at once, how about ClusterSSH?

enter image description here

I would recommend checking out Compiz, which is definitely one of the best looking X-Window managers I’ve seen in a while. If you’re more of a minimalist then IceWM is another option; it’s lightweight and highly customizable. The X-Window manager for Gnome 3 (Mutter) is nice looking too, although some say it’s bloated and no tabs that I’m aware.

I like ROXTerm. Has tabbing, Customizable profiles, the works. Plus its super lightweight.

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