Is there a way to do concatenated copying of text in os-x or linux?

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Problem :

Say you are copying snippets of a word document into textedit. It is a waste of time to go back and forth for each snippet when you can do it once using concatenation into a copy-queue.

Is there a way to do this?

In case I didn’t make it clear: Say you want to copy the title, then paragraph 2 sentence 1, then paragraph 7 sentence 3, etc. Typically you need to do each of these one by one, changing windows etc.

Solution :

I’m not entirely sure if I understand your question but it sounds like you’re looking for a clipboard manager. You can find a list of clipboard managers for Linux on the Arch wiki.

These programs allow you to save previously copied content and choose which should be pasted. So you could copy each target sentence and then paste whichever you want. The screenshot below shows clipit in action:

                            enter image description here

/bin/vi has ‘named buffers’. You can yank text in each -, and paste from each – buffer.

Not sure if this still works or not but Word used to have a feature called Spike to do what I think you’re asking for here.

More information can be found here :

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