Is there a way to set the default bookmark location in Chrome?

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Problem :

I often bookmark pages on Chrome, and I have a generic folder for any bookmarks I don’t feel like putting in it’s proper place. Anyway, Chrome decided to put my bookmarks automatically in my least used folder. This is very annoying. Is there a way that I can set this to a folder that I want, with an extension/setting/file modification (like the properties file)?

Bookmark Setting

Solution :

As of October 2014, I’m seeing Chrome put the bookmarks in the most recently used folder. There is no default folder, per se. If you don’t like where it’s putting it, click Edit and change it.

It’s not a direct answer to the question in the title. But it can solve the problem the asker is facing.

There are 3 ways to bookmark the current page where you want it.

One is to click and drag.

Put the generics directory right under the greenlock button, then you can easily add bookmarks to it.

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