Keyboard repeat on Input Director slave machine

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I’m using Input Director as a software KVM to control my laptop from my desktop, and all is almost OK with the setup. However, key-presses on the master keyboard seem to repeat very easily on the slave, and it is close to impossible to type a word on the slave without getting repeated characters. I typed the word ‘repeat’ on the master keyboard and my editor on the slave captured the characters ‘repeeaatt’.

Both machines are Windows 7.


Input Director is a great utility. I would recommend it for anyone. That said, it isn’t without its faults. I too have experience problems with it. My recommendation is to uninstall it completely, reboot the system, and reinstall it. Do this on both systems. This is how I have fixed my issues with it in the past. Before reinstalling it, make sure you have the most up-to-date version too.

Note: Make sure that you do not have multiple instants of Input Director running by checking the system tray on both systems.

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