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I’m getting a new laptop soon (Dell XPS) and was wondering if there was an efficient method for removing all the pre-installed crap that is so common on new prebuilt machines.

Looking for answers that do not recommend reinstallation of Windows. I am aware of this option but don’t have the inclination nor the time to do it.


The PC Decrapifier seems to fit your needs:

Things to check when doing it manually:

Add/Remove Programs, or now known as Programs and Features

Startup menu under Programs

Startup tab in msconfig

Services tab in msconfig, check the box to hide all Microsoft services

No reinstalling Windows from a crap-free disk eh? OK, how about Add/Remove Programs? 🙂 I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that knows about every possible utility from every possible OEM, PC decrapifer maybe?

I had lots of bloatware programs on my Sony Vaio laptop. PC Decrapifier was insufficient and a disappointment for me. It did not remove (detect) ~90% of the bloatware. So I had to do manual uninstallation of each program.

First I checked each program before uninstallation. I also found a list of bloatware programs that Sony pre-loads to its laptops. For uninstallations, I used Revo Uninstaller (Free) and it took some time. Finally, bloatware programs are gone for good and I’m relieved.

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