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Having some annoyances with launchy while running full screen games as the keybind that I use coincides with common key presses in some games. The obvious solution would be to rebind it, but the bind is extremely convenient in all other settings & over coming muscle memory can be an even greater annoyance. Does anyone know of a way of disabling launchy while running full screen applications? Doing a few quick searches I didn’t find anything other than a similar question in the sourceforge launchy help forum with no answers.

If you’re wondering what my bindings are – I use ctrl+space for launchy, meta+space for quake style drop-down shell & alt-space for inner application command lines/launchers.


In AutoHotKey:

GameProcess := `YourGameExecutableNameHere`
Process, Wait, %GameProcess%
  Process, Close, Launchy.exe
  Process, WaitClose, %GameProcess%
    Run Launchy.exe

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