LEA Networks NetSocket AV200 and LEA Networks NetPlug AV200 interconnectivity

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I have a pair of LEA Networks NetPlug AV200 Advanced Chipset 200Mbps PLC Adapter Kit. I love that they give me approximately the same speed in 2 of my most used rooms in the house.

Now, I would like to expand to another room, but the same NetPlugs are not available. The ones that are available,are LEA Networks NetSocket AV200 200Mbps PLC Adapter Kit w/Filtered Outlet (2 HPAV Units)

The question really is, will these work with each other, so that I can have my entire house covered?

Note that I do not live in the US, so it very difficult for me to buy them and return back, so trying it out, is a little bit of a problem.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Both devices follow the HomePlug AV specification (and even use the same chipset), so yes, they should work together.

(There are three largest powerline networking standards – HomePlug (nearly gone by now), HomePlug AV (with interoperable AV200 and AV500 variants), and G.hn; as long as you check that all your purchases follow the same standard, they should work fine. Although I’ve been advised to stick to the same manufacturer if I can…)

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