Letting my Windows 8 PC turn screen and speakers on/off

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I use Windows 8 Pro, 64 bits. My computer is a desktop one, with both screen and speakers as separate pieces.

A few months ago, I was in awe when I discovered that you can make it so that the computer will automatically turn the printer on when it needs to print, and then turn it back off when it’s done. Awesome. No more “What’s happening? Is it broken? Why is nothing happening? Oh, right, it’s turned off.”

I’m wondering if there’s a way to do the same with the screen and speakers, to make them automatically turn on when the computer is turned on, and off when it’s shut down. It would be really practical. No more turning the PC on and then going off somewhere, thinking I would hear it if I was going to be needed, and then being sad because I didn’t hear Skype/MSN messages, having forgotten to turn the speakers on.


You printer is most likely not “Off” but in a sleep mode (so it can detect the signal to wake up). Monitors also so this as well (go into sleep mode). speakers, not so much (not that I’ve seen).

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