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I am considering offering a service for my small business that will allow me to host a certain resource for my clients on my own network.

Problem is, they need occasional access to it, and it can’t really be done online, so I need to set up a box to host remote desktop so they can log in and access it. I doubt I will ever have more than 1 or 2 users at once, but want to make sure I’m licensed properly for this type of thing.

How does windows licensing work? Is it legal if I just set up an XP Pro box, configure it for remote desktop, then buy as many XP Pro licenses as I think I will have simultaneous users?



Per Microsoft’s EULA, you may have it installed on one machine (2 processors max), but you may connect to it with up to 10 devices (no mention of how many “users” that entails, though “user” really isn’t an easily quantified term).

Installation and use. You may install, use, access, display and run
one copy of the Product on a single computer, such as a workstation,
terminal or other device (“Workstation Computer”). The Product may not
be used by more than two (2) processors at any one time on any single
Workstation Computer. You may permit a maximum of ten (10) computers
or other electronic devices (each a “Device”) to connect to the
Workstation Computer to utilize the services of the Product solely for
File and Print services, Internet Information Services, and remote
access (including connection sharing and telephony services). The ten
connection maximum includes any indirect connections made through
“multiplexing” or other software or hardware which pools or aggregates
connections. Except as otherwise permitted by the NetMeeting, Remote
Assistance, and Remote Desktop features described below, you may not
use the Product to permit any Device to use, access, display or run
other executable software residing on the Workstation Computer, nor
may you permit any Device to use, access, display, or run the Product
or Product’s user interface, unless the Device has a separate license
for the Product.

As long as only 1 person is connecting at a time per license, you are legal.

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