Limit CPU usage for flash in Firefox?

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How can we limit the CPU usage of Flash plugins in Firefox ?

I do not want to disable Flash, but I don’t need to Flash objects to run at full speed either, in order to save battery power.


I install NoScript on every system with Firefox, which blocks Flash along with Java and Javascript until I allow it from particular sites. This cuts down on sites loading flash widgets for something ridiculous like their site banner, or advertisements that are sneaky and hiding.

It also has the added benefit of security. Yes, its a pain to whitelist sites you trust, and you really must be careful of what you’re going to allow; whitelisting everything defeats the purpose of the plugin. Security and convenience are mutually exclusive, anyway.

If you want to run the flash in the background it can be done by creating a new blank tab. Since now the “Flash Tab” is in the background it’ll not consume so much processing power. I think the main cause of flash processing usage is for animation which is up to the developer to fix it.

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