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I’m a developer, and I generate big log files. I’ve tried several log viewer applications (free or not), so far mtail I like the most. But, it lacks features.

I would like from my log viewer to:

  • handle files > than 10MB
  • filtering
  • highlight search queries
  • behave like a log viewer – do all of these in real time, and fast

The question is:

Which log viewer would you recommend on Windows?


BareTail, which has a free version, works pretty well for us for years.


My new favorite log viewer is glogg. It makes finding stuff in noisy log files very easy. It could use a few more features but does 95% of everything I need it to do, it is open source, written in C++ using Qt and runs on Linux/Windows/Mac. Give it a try.

Glogg screenshot on Windows

From the glogg description page:

glogg enables you to use regular expressions to search for interesting
events in your log files. It presents a results window which, together
with complex regular expressions allows easy isolation of the
meaningful lines amongst the noise.

glogg has been primarily developed to help spot and understand
problems in huge logs generated by embedded systems. It can be equally
useful to a sysadmin digging through logs from databases or web

The main design goals for glogg are:

  • it should be fast
  • it does not have any limit on the size of files it can handle
  • it provides a clear view of the matches even in heavily cluttered

If you think it does not do that, it is a bug and it should be fixed!

Log Expert http://logexpert.codeplex.com/


  • highlighting (regex, etc.)
  • filtering (regex, etc.)
  • custom columnizer (columnizer parses lines into columns)
  • multi-file support
  • + some common features

Log Expert screenshot

Take a look a logview4net it’s free and has a different take on viewing log files.

A free (open source) log monitor / log viewer for:

* Files and folders
* Incomming UDP traffic
* EventLogs
* SQL- Server tables
* Atom and RSS feeds
* StdOut and StdErr

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