Logmein has completely stopped working on MACOSX 10.7.1

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I’ve used logmein for around 8 months or so on my mac. Since upgrading to OSX Lion I didn’t have any problems. But it seems that this problem has started a few days since updating to 10.7.1 last month. I can get into the GUI of logmein, but as soon as I press turn on the whole interface completely freezes. You cannot click on anything, but the app is responding (as in, it isn’t actually frozen). The service doesn’t start. I have tried completely uninstalling the software using the uninstaller, and also using appdelete – no joy. I have removed the computer from the account on the web site, and re-added it. Same problem. Tried permissions repair, and running ONYX – cleaning everything. No joy. What could be the problem? Other computer on the same account works ok.


ALthough you removed and reinstalled the app, it may have left settings around – either in a dotfile (unix style), or in your Library directory.

What you could do is perform the uninstall.
Then from a terminal:

find ~/ -iname logmein

You should delete all the results, and then try to reinstall it.

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