^M’ was added to my file after when moving from Win to Linux [duplicate]

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Problem :

I created a .txt file on Win 8 [using sublime] (with copied text for here) and moved it to my VM running Linux.

I used cat tmp.txt >> .bashrc to append those lines into .bashrc but mysterious ^M were added in the end of every line (I noticed after sourch .bashrc failed).

I removed those and now it’s fine, but where did they come from?

Before and After image:enter image description here

Solution :


On Windows end-of-line is actually handled with 2 characters: ˆM (Carriage Return) and ˆJ (Line-Feed).
Unix-like systems, like Linux, only use ˆJ.
You save the file on Windows and Linux shows you the ˆM as a normal character.
I never used Sublime, but it probably has an option to convert between the 2 formats so you can just save the file in Unix format from Sublime.
(In fact: most text/programmers-editors have such options.)

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