MacOS Start FireFox via CommandLine in 32 bit

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Problem :

Firefox can be startet via Commandline

How can I run an application with command line arguments in Mac OS

Is there an argument to make it start in 32 bit ?

I know i could select it via finder, but thats no option for my problem

I have solved a similar problem for chrome by creating an Automator “Launcher” which start Chrome with deactivated flash, but for that I need to know whether there is a command line argument to set 32bit.

Maybe by changing systems settings by “default” ?

Solution :

arch -i386 /Applications/ should do the trick in Terminal.

You could then pack that into an AppleScript of some kind.

A solution I still have to test


# Check to see if Firefox exists
 ls -la /Applications/


# Set the architecture preference order to 32-bit first
defaults write /Applications/ "LSArchitecturePriority" '(i386,   "x86_64")'

# Making sure the permissions on the Info.plist are correct
chmod -R 775 /Applications/

echo "Firefox is not installed"


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