Make Ctrl+Enter open file in alternate program?

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I work with large PDFs a lot in Windows and don’t always like opening the big, bloated Adobe Reader. However it has certain features that sometimes I need.

Most of the time I use the following to open it in an alternate PDF reader:

enter image description here

Is it possible to map the Ctrl+Enter key (or any other key combination), so that, when highlighting a PDF, it opens it in Sumatra?


Probably! Autohotkey can automate keyboard and mouse functions, but not knowing enough about your setup I’ll simply have to say have fun :)

It’s a simple language, and has a bundled window spy to give you button co-ordinates and stuff, and you could easily enough automate the clicking.

You could try using the Windows Explorer preview pane, which will load the document in Adobe’s viewer on the right side.

You can do this by using XYplorer instead of the Windows Explorer. Here’s documentation on XYplorer’s User Defined Commands (UDCs) showing how it is done. It’s easy to set up: I just tried it (first time I’ve ever used the UDC feature) and it works.

EDIT: That link only provides an example; here’s how to get the complete XYPlorer help file.

No you can’t map Ctrl+Enter to alternate functions, sadly. Make your default viewer the one you use most often, and use the alt open method for Adobe (The context-menu button with mnemonics also work well for keyboard access).

Also try Foxit, it’s small and fast, the free edition doesn’t have advanced editing features, but for a viewer it’s great.

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