Make DOS-Games and DOS-Applications as Bootable?

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Problem :

How can I make a bootable .iso file and burn it to CD/DVD to run DOS games and DOS programs from that CD/DVD?

I’m making a bootable project that I include some bootable utilities, anti-viruses and some DOS games in it.

So I think the best way to do this is to make a .ISO bootable file that can start DOS games and applications and then include it in my project.

Solution :

To create a bootable DOS ISO:

  1. Download or create a bootable DOS floppy .IMG/.IMA image (you can use MS-DOS, FreeDOS etc.)

  2. Use something like UltraISO to create the ISO. In UltraISO create a new empty image, then go to Bootable / Load Boot File and load the bootable DOS floppy image:


  3. Add installed games to the ISO.

  4. Burn and test ISO.

Easier still would be to use a USB stick, since the games might want to write something to disk and would fail to do so when run from a DVD. For this there are plenty of options. Rufus includes FreeDOS, so it’s as easy as selecting the appropriate option and preparing a DOS bootable USB stick:


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