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I’m having trouble with the SMB/Samba functionality in OS X (Lion, Mountain Lion):

  1. It often takes forever to connect and mount

  2. It often freezes on this progress dialog and it can’t be closed, (x) button does simply nothing.
    OS X SMB Connecting to Server

  3. It takes a few seconds even if the drive is already mounted and the connection is up.
    OS X SMB share icon
    I would expect it opens the mounted directory immediately.

  4. Every click on mounted directory sidebar item in Finder means reconnecting to server or something like that – it also takes a few seconds to list a share
    enter image description here

  5. A directory listings in already opened Finder windows, and share desktop icon does not work after waking computer from sleep. The connection apparently drops after a sleep and OS X doesn’t reconnect, so I must remount the share manually (and close the new Finder window which is opened after making a connection).

  6. If the SMB server become unavailable, all Finder windows freeze

There’s no such issues with “Map network drive” feature in Windows… It needs to be set up only once, then it just works.

Is it possible to improve the SMB in OS X to the Windows level of SMB reliability?


Since you’re running Debian server, would you like to try NFS? It is supported by Mac/Win as well.

As for the issue, I’d suggest reviewing all Samba settings on the server and check for routing problems on your Mac computer. Logs are a good place to start.

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