Making laptop “less” secure via passwordless login using some “dongle” or other thingie

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Problem :

The modern days requires us to use super-strong passwords like: u"=8-,vR'X?!}$!q It’s briliant indeed, but if we talk only about local access (for remote it’s for sure required) all such benefits ends, when you need to go to restroom or kitchen and then log in again.

The laptop is in secure environment, where noone will attempt physical login. And IIUC if it’s not the case, even u"=8-,vR'X?!}$!q will not help against physical attacks like spraying rams with nitrogen and dumping crypt luks keys.

So I actually don’t need u"=8-,vR'X?!}$!q “security” for on-site login. What I need is to be able to lock session somehow and unlock it quickly not to waste 150x times a day typing u"=8-,vR'X?!}$!q. I found blueproximity project to log in and out using bluetooth device proximity, but that’s severely outdated and it does not work either plus according to bugs it leaks. Is there any other way how to achieve similar stuff? Like creating some sort of flashdisc which unlocks session when plugged in or anything similar?

Solution :

There are screenlockers that can lock/unlock automatically when they sense a bluetooth device (typically, you phone) within range. After that it all depends if the restroom is sufficiently far from your desk…

Where I work the PCs have a smartcard reader, we don’t use passwords but a PIN for the smartcard.

You can also replace the screenlocker by another program that doesn’t use the password.

PS: u"=8-,vR'X?!}$!q isn’t secure, it’s a password you will always find written on paper. A reasonable (16+ characters, mostly letters) password is both secure and not that hard/long to type in.

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