Making series of jpegs into videos on a PC

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I have sets of timelapse photos (jpegs), that I want to turn into a video.

I prefer freeware as this is just some fun-projects.

I need to do this on a windows-pc, so no Mac-soft please.


Windows Live Movie Maker.

alt text

I’ve used VirtualDub for this. As long as your images are numbered sequentially you can open them like a video and export them as avi.

To reading a series of numbered images as a video stream, use File > Open video file… and select the first image. VirtualDub will automatically step the filename and find any sequentially numbered frames after the starting file. – Working with image sequences

Take a look at JPGVideo, free and it looks like it does what you need.

MonkeyJam is what you’re looking for. This software was originally designed for pencil tests, but you can use it for stop motion animation/time lapse videos too.

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