Mapping the ‘show desktop’ icon to a key (eg. F11)

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I would like to map the show desktop functionality in windows 7 to a key like F11 or F12, would prefer it if i didn’t have to download a 3rd party keyboard mapping tool. Can someone explain how?

EDIT: i know there are other shortcuts, but I’d like to remap them to a function key. Let’s say I’m quite fond of being able to do this in Mac OS X


Is this no longer mapped to WindowsD?

Do you consider Microsoft software as third party too?

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4

This version is for Vista, but probably will work in 7 too.

Ever wanted to quickly and easily
define your own keyboard layout for a
language Microsoft doesn’t support? Or
define your own keyboard layout so you
can quickly and easily enter your
favorite symbols with a simple
keystroke? Well, want no more: the
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator is

The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
extends the international
functionality of Windows Vista by
allowing users to:

  • Create new keyboard layouts from scratch
  • Base a new layout on an existing one
  • Modify an existing keyboard layout (.KLC) file and build a new layout
    from it
  • Package the resulting keyboard layouts for subsequent deployment and

According to this page and helpful comments:

  • Win+D, to show desktop.
  • Win+Home, to hide everything else than the active window (Similar to Aero Shake).
  • Win+Space, to just take a peek at your desktop.

I’ve not tried it in Win 7 but Windows+M also works in XP

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