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How to merge the E drive with the unallocated drive without loosing data in E.


I would use a GParted live cd. GParted is free and works.

Here is a link to a tutorial for using gparted live cd on windows partitions.

I used this same method on my wife’s computer recently to accomplish almost the same thing.

If all you have on partition e: are files you shouldn’t have to repair the system when you reboot. If all goes well it should be a quick fix.

To resize the partition, use GParted.

An easy way is to get Ubuntu, put it on a CD or USB pen drive, boot it, and use Partition Editor.


Partition Editor:

There is also a GParted live CD you can use:

AFAIK, you can’t. You could do it if the unallocated space were “behind” E (by extending E). Unfortunately you’re in the opposite situation. So the only way is to backup E, destroy E, recreate a larger partition, name it E and restore the contents.

Do Not use Partition Magic.

Do use Partition Wizard.

I’ve recommended this solution to many Win 7 users.

I’ve used Parition Wizard to do exactly what you ate trying to do.

Burn the iso to a CD and boot from the CD.

Win win 7 you can burn an iso to cd/dvd by simply clicking on the iso file (as long as you haven’t changed the default assignment for iso files).

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