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I have two computers – both of them are Windows XP SP3 32-bit and running the same version of Skype and login with the same account.

How can I merge the chat histories of these two accounts into one and continue using this account with all of my chat history?

I don’t want to export my chat for archive.


How can I merge 2 chat history of this
two account into one?

If you’re still using Skype 3.x, you can export the history to HTML (HTML files can be merged easily).

If you’re using Skype 4.x, here’s a tutorial how to Save Skype chat history. The output will be TXT files which you then can merge.

Use this open source tool:

It can compare and merge two main.db files, which contain all messages (among other things).

It is not possible to have chat history merged from multiple Skype installations until they are up and running all the time (in fact Skype syncs them while they are online).

And of course it is almost impossible to keep them always running in daily life.

AFAIK the only automated solution that merges Skype chat history is a Skype plugin G-Recorder which works well for me up to now.

Last I looked Skype used unencrypted SQLite tables for conversation history. Some googling and a tool to merge SQLite tables may be able to help here.

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