Microsoft Word Digital Signature Error: We can’t read the signature please contact your help desk

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I create and sign my document in Word 2013 but sometimes when I open the document and check the signature I get the error message: We can’t read the signature. Please contact your help desk. In the document nothing was edited or changed.

I checked my certificate and everything is ok. The third image on the right is from Word after I sign it.
Valid Certificate

When I close the document and open it again I often (not always) get the following Error:
enter image description here

Has anyone experienced something like this in Microsoft Office before ? Why is this happening ? Is there a solution to this ?


After I put the Word document on my desktop I realized that the error is not occurring. So I put the document in a folder and realized that the error was always occurring when I opened the document from inside Windows File Explorer when the preview pane was enabled. After I hide the preview pane and open the Word document everything is working fine (the signature is valid). So this must be a bug. So before opening a Word document from Windows File Explorer hit Alt+p to hide the preview pane.

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