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I have a very irritating smart phone which is auto connecting to the Internet. The phone itself does not have any network monitoring tools so there’s no way I can figure out which program on the phone is requesting the connection to be switched on.

I’ve reconfigured the connections on the phone to connect to my home wi-fi network by default. Is there a way I monitor its network usage?

My network setup is something like this –

My desktop is connected to the DSL router over ethernet, but other mobile devices connect over the WiFi. All devices/computers are in the same subnet and are visible to each other.

Any suggestions (monitoring tools for Win7) would be welcome.


1. Disable wifi on the smartphone

My iPhone does this sometimes, and it’s really annoying. This isn’t a direct answer to your question but a workaround. Disabling wifi would help.

2. Install custom firmware on your router

dd-wrt is an alternate firmware for your router. It will allow for increased functionality and some extra tools (including a bandwidth analyzer) on the router itself. Just make sure your router is supported. If it isn’t, there are other firmware options available.

note: the downfall of using software to monitor your bandwidth is that it needs to be running 100% of the time (no downtime) to accurately measure the amount of bandwidth. Because of this, it just isn’t a good idea to use a software solution, unless you have a great reason to do so.

My favorite tool is Wireshark. It will allow you to monitor every single packet that goes through your setup.

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