more than 98% of ram usage by svchost

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Recently I am facing some problem that I can’t understand the reason.I start my computer and after a few minutes ram usage goes up to 98% only svchost use it.I don’t know what to do.To overcome the problem I have recently formated my HDD and reinstall windows but the problem occurs the same.Can any one tell me what should I do to overcome this problem


If you don’t want your RAM to be used, take it out of your machine. If you have an actual performance problem, tell us what it is.

Modern operating systems go out of their way to use as much RAM as possible. Any RAM not used is opportunity forever lost. A machine with 4GB of RAM can’t use 2GB today so it can use 6GB tomorrow. RAM can’t be saved for later.

If you’re thinking “I want my RAM free now so I can use it later”, get that nonsense out of your head. Using RAM now doesn’t stop you from also using it later. There’s no tradeoff here — there’s no reason not to use as much RAM as possible. You’ve got it, use it.

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