move a windows OS partition to another partition of the same size

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Problem :

I want to move my windows partition to another drive that is already partitioned (including a 100 mb partition at the start of the disk and a partition of the same size as the original windows partition).

Making a system restore image (using the official windows tools) doesn’t let me select a partition and I don’t want to re-install my other operating system on the other partitions.
Is it possible to just move it the the new partition and fix the boot errors using a windows repair disk??

Solution :

The best option would be to use a cloning software to clone the one drive over to the other (Something like norton ghost or Clonezilla would do it).

After the cloning operation is done you can expand the partition to fit the entire size of the disk using computer management -> then disk management tools in the control panel.

AFAIK you can’t use a windows repair disk to do this.

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