my desktop icons (PC) disappeared

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I was using my win7 PC, and all the sudden most of my desktop icons disappeared.
I searched for an item I remembered and I saw it’s in the temp Recycle bin. I have tried to open this path (open path), but didn’t see my item there as if it was hidden.

How can I bring the icons back?

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It is not clear if your ‘explorer.exe’ has stopped or your desktop icons have simply disappeared. Is the taskbar (start menu’s bar) visible?

If your explorer has stopped,
go to task manager (control + alt + delete) –> Go to NEW TASK –> click BROWSE –> paste C:Windowsexplorer.exe on the path bar.

If your icons have disappeared right click your start menu and choose the icons you want on your desktop.

If your icons have been hidden,
on an explorer window,
click Organise –> folder and search options –> View menu –> Select the ‘SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS’ and click apply.

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