My HP computer desktop turns black with only mouse cursor shown

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I have an HP desktop which was working properly until the following happens:

It loaded normally as shown in the image showing the Windows logo with the loading dots.
The the screen turns black and only the mouse cursor is shown.

Sometimes if I wait for couple of hours it works fine but sometimes it never runs.

I tried to do the ctrl alt delete but never worked.

I tried enter the safe mode directly on startup by clicking F1 but nothing happened.

I have the data on disk D but the main government software is on C.

enter image description here

What should I do to fix it?


I think your greater issue here is your Bios not working.

  1. With your computer off, open it up and disconnect your hard drive.
  2. On a second machine, connect only the power connectors to the hard
    drive and boot as normal. After it has booted connect the Sata.

This should enable you to see the hard drive on a 2nd windows environment and copy your data off. Or at the very least diagnose it,read it’s smart attributes and run a chckdisk.

Now that’s out of the way, turn your attention to your Bios.

  1. On your motherboard you will find a small Battery. Carefully remove
    it and let the computer sit for about 15mins.
  2. Place the battery again onto it’s slot ( Be mindful of the right
    side up) and try to start the computer ( Yes without the hard drive

    Try to enter into your BIOS.
    If it still refuses to work, I would say you have a faulty motherboard.

It is quite possible that your system disk has encountered a catastrophic error,
which might even be related to a hardware problem.

If you manage to boot, you should immediately check:

Depending on the results of these tests, you will need to decide if to replace
your disk.

If the disk behaves itself for some time, you might take a system image of
your disk using a product such as
AOMEI Backupper Freeware
and restore it on the new disk using its boot media.
This will save re-installing Windows from scratch.
For more information see the article
How to Clone Hard Drive to SSD.

If booting is not possible, then your options are much reduced:

  • Run a Startup Repair in Windows 10
    If this is only a boot problem, in the hope that the boot process will
    identify the existing Windows installation.

  • Reinstall Windows from scratch.

If any of the above two methods works, your first action should be to
check the disk’s S.M.A.R.T. data.

I happened with me too.
I did the following.
1, I turned off the laptop, took out the battery for around 1 hour and then put it back and hopefully it worked.
Reinstalling the OS also works. hope this helps 🙂 XOXO.

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