MythTV: SSD recording – HDD storage

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Problem :

Does anyone know if it’s possible to configure MythTV to store on a local SSD while recording, but on a HDD (alt. locally mounted network disk) after the recording has finished?
(I’m using MythTV 0.25)

Solution :

The simplest path is probably as follows:

  • Set up your SSD and HDD as storage volumes
  • Set your storage volume priority to use the SSD for recording
  • Create a user job that moves recordings to your HDD when done

Depending on your backend setup (hard drive layout, number of tuners etc.) using an SSD for recordings may not make much difference – your tuner bandwidth & other I/O from the disks would need to exceed what your HDD is capable of for an SSD to make a difference to recordings. An SSD would probably be good for your DB/OS though, as evidenced from the MythTV mailing lists.

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