Need help leaving a cell blank if the formula has no sum value

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I am using the below formula to calculate attendance and I would like the summary column to remain blank if there is no value entered from columns B12:AF12.

What am I missing to make this happen?

I tried putting "" on the outside of the last bracket and then closing everything but this is not working.

Below is my formula that I am using to sum up my row:



Here is another option that keeps the repitition down:


It does 3 countifs dividing the output by 2, but since S is counted twice it returns the actual count.

If the output of the sumproduct is 0 then we get an error as we try to divide by 0 and the IFERROR will output the ""

You would want to nest your COUNTIFS inside an IF statement, something like this could work:


When the IF statement evaluates to TRUE, the output is “” (blank), else the output is the formula you have specified.

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