New build won’t power up

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Problem :

I just finished putting together a new build, and nothing powers up (no power LED, no fans, nothing) , except for the STDBY LED on the motherboard. It is a micro-ATX motherboard.

I tried the paper clip trick to test the PSU , and the fan did power on. Any idea what could be going on here?

Solution :

In my experience, this is most frequently caused by the power switch being either not correctly connected to the motherboard, or (in one fairly spectacular case) mechanically faulty. Anyway, after the PSU that’d be the first thing I’d check.

Do a bit by bit troubleshooting could be due to static that causes the hardware to fail.

Remove one ram stick at a time and power up.
If it is still not working remove the graphic card and try to power up.

Listen closely to the Bios speaker BEEP sound.

My experience, too, would say it is incorrect or corrupted memory. But also, check in to the power supply unit too.

Also found this link on… How to Bench Test Your System

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