New hdd not detected in BIOS after CloneZilla

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I did a disk to disk clone with clonezilla. I cloned all partitions and used the -k1 option. I put the new hdd in and it doesn’t boot. BIOS does not detect an hdd. Why might that be?

old hdd: 80gb, new: 500gb. both hitachi. both 2.5″ sata.
the old hdd was detected in BIOS before the clone

I’m looking at the hdd in windows computer management and the partitioning goes:
1. 530MB EISA Configuration
2. System Reserved 100MB NTFS
3. H: 465GB NTFS
4. 10MB Unallocated

I got the drive to be detected. It was a connectivity issue as it was in the slot as opposed to usb like before. The new hdd is slightly smaller than the old so I added some paper to make it thicker.
However, now windows won’t boot. Seeing what fixmbr can do.

I burnt a win7 repair cd and used it with the new hdd installed. It found and repaired errors, restarted. Now the os boots


If you have an hdd slot in your laptop. Small size differences in the hdd can cause connectivity problems.

Also, using CloneZilla on an hdd that boots windows 7 may require a win7 repair cd to correct inconsistencies in the MBR

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