New laptop, windows 7, Outlook 2007 installed

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A friend of mine has purchased a new laptop (Toshiba) with Windows 7 installed and has also purchased Outlook 2007 and atttmped to install it – the install worked ok, but I think he may have selected Exchange server when installing the first time – now it will not start, displaying message like “Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable “

Outlook 2007 should have been configued for Pop3 as he has a hotmail account, but Outlook will not load “offline” and despite me de-installing, re-installing, running repair, I cannot get it to load to a point where I can add a new email account.

If any one has any ideas on this, I would apprecaite the help



You should be able to delete the profile (from the Mail control panel), so you can set it up again for POP/IMAP.

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